Amanda Desjardins


Strategies and social media

Expertise : Algorithms and client experience



Stephanie Desjardins 


Strategies and social media

Expertise : Hashtags, trends and targeting



Emilie Paquette Bernier

Editorial director

Writing and proofreading

Expertise: Persuasive and added value


Fabio Azzini

Visual director

Graphic designer, photographer and videographer

Expertise: High quality editing, corporate video


Frédéric A. Nassau 

Assistant artistic director

Photographer and artist

Expertise: Artistic portraits, visual and aesthetic identity


Web targeting experts



Starting a business like Elite Influence Social has been Amanda’s and  Stephanie’s Desjardins main objective since 2017. These two sisters have wanted to go into business since their return to UQAM. As their entourage is made up of several influencers, opinion leaders who create professional content for promotional purposes, they quickly found an important need in the market.

Influencer marketing is a technique that applies as much to social media management as it is to content creation and collaboration. Thanks to the techniques mastered within the Montreal designer community, this team uses best practices to successfully reach its client. These web and social media specialists are the elites of authenticity, giving their customer a brand image that allows them to convert their visibility into loyal customers.

Today, they are surrounded by a formidable talented team in order to offer the best web marketing service. Their practices are avant-garde because they have been perfected through influencer marketing strategies and the effectiveness is proven. Together, the team has more than fifteen years of cumulative experience in the field of web marketing and allowing Elite Influence Social to be an authority in its field.

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